Walking to the top of the volcano Teide.

The best known way to climb to the highest area of the Teide is by using the cable car, because it is the fastest way and the most used by tourists to make a fleeting visit to the emblematic volcano. But there is also another method to reach the top without the help of a means of transport just walking to the top.



There are several paths that lead to the top of the Teide, some are longer than others with different levels of requirement in its trajectory but all full of incredible landscapes making this experience worthwhile.

For whom it is recommended?

Anyone can do this activity, there are no limits whether you are an expert adventurer accustomed to great challenges, or on the opposite side you are not so experienced in this type of excursions but you enjoy sharing, knowing and interacting with nature you will love this trip .

A healthy adventure!

It should be noted that to carry out this type of ascent excursion walking to Teide, a permit must be requested from the competent authorities, in order to notify our presence and monitoring of our activity during the execution of the excursion. It is also possible to make the route without the permission request which will limit the ascent to the highest zone.

You can take the tour on your own but we always will recommend you to make the excursions with certified guides since with them you will be able to receive the proper knowledge of the environment, the history, origins, and much important information of the area.

A different and unusual adventure that is worth living.

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