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Did you know that you can give to your beloved ones the Teide By Night experience? There is no better way to surprise someone than by giving them an unforgettable sunset. At Teide By Night we have become experts in making our visitors happy. They can see the stunning sunset from Teide National Park. The visit includes contemplation of the constellations in one of the cleanest and clearest skies in the world, located in the main attraction of Tenerife: the mount Teide.

How can you buy the gift?

Open dates

The best part is that the person who receives the gift will have one year from the date of purchase to enjoy it. Our philosophy is to give all our visitors a unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable experience, always with the highest quality. While the sun sets you’ll receive a complimentary cava to toast with whom you choose.

Excellent weather all year

Tenerife is a unique place in the world, but not only because of Teide Volcano. Local residents and the thousands of tourists who visit the island each year enjoy moderate temperatures throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you have a holiday in January, March or August, because you’ll have a year to enjoy the Teide By Night excursion with an ideal temperature at any time.

Give Teide By Night experience

We want to know, who are going you to surprise?

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