Have you been in Tenerife, the island of the eternal Spring?

Whether you have visited Tenerife or just heard about it, you will agree that everyone loves our good weather. With the arrival of Spring the island blooms and covers itself with special colors, some of them unique of their zone.

Tenerife is one of the most famous from Canary Islands, both for its variety of leisure activities, as well as its good climate. That is why we wanted to give a big welcome to Spring and make a compilation of the main attractions of the Island during this time of year:

Ideal for hiking

With the arrival of spring the roads are more accessible than during the winter. In addition, they are filled with color and life thanks to the flowering of local flora, as well as with the activity of birds and animals around it.

Tenerife will make you fall in love

Spring Tenerife

It is true that at this time of year not only the flowers bloom. Many people choose this time of year to start a new relationship or to enjoy the time their partner in an perfect environment out of their routine. Tenerife is the perfect destination for couples and lovers, who will find romantic activities as the “Teide By Night Excursion” during their stay.

Typical Canarian food has a very good taste

Although any time of the year is ideal to visit the Canary Islands and taste a good typical dish, such as wrinkled potatoes or salted ribs, we know that everything is more enjoyable in spring. So why do not include it in our list.

Warm temperature during the night

We can not think of a better time to take a guided tour through the Teide National Park and drink some cava under the stars.

If you have already visited Tenerife and Teide National Park we are looking forward to hear your opinion, why would you recommend it to a friend or family during spring?Tenerife Stargazing

Many people has come to Tenerife and to our excursion “Teide By Night” looking to live adventures and charming anecdotes. What has been yours? We’d love to read them!

And we also love that you’ve arrived Spring. Let’s make the most out of it!

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