Teide violet in the heart of the mountain

In the Teide National Park (World Heritage of Humanity), grows one of the best kept secrets of the entire island of Tenerife: The Teide violet. Of very characteristic purple flowers, this plant is endemic of zones superior to the 2,500 meters of altitude, as the stony slopes of the Teide or the highs of Guajara. It is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest attractions of the park and also the most incredible experience you will get with our guided tours.

teide violet

For decades, by the influence of the human being and the invasion of other species, the violet was very near to disappear. Since 1981, the various administrations involved in park management have regularly implemented various recovery, protection and monitoring plans, which are beginning to translate into better repopulation and consolidation of habitats.

Viola Cheiranthifolia

The common name is Teide violet or Teide daisy. As a curious fact, it’s the plant that blooms to greater height of all Spain. Its flowering covers from mid to late spring, these times may fluctuate according to the temperatures of the year in question. Dotted with yellow and white speckles at its base, its violet tones range from pale mauve to the most intense purple. Despite its apparent fragility and delicacy, it is completely adapted to extreme environmental conditions, even reaching the highest limits of the volcano, at more than 3600 meters altitude. The authentic purple heart of Teide.


Come with us!

Teide by night offers you an unforgettable experience through the park where, in addition to many other treasures and natural secrets, you can observe this natural miracle, so beautiful and unique that you can only see it here. So don’t hesitate and… Come and visit us!


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