Visit Teide by Night in Winter and Toast with Glühwein

One thing that cannot be doubted is that glühwein, popularly known as is one of the most valuable and awesome beverages in Germany. In fact, in some circles and according to a lot of tourists I’ve had an opportunity to speak to, glühwein is Germany’s own definition of the best hot beverage ever. For those who don’t know glühwein, it usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. And now, it’s also possible to drink it in Teide by Night excursion during the winter.

But although the wine is amazing, it is also incredibly unique. If you are familiar with hot beverages, then you must be familiar with the fact that most of them have their own unique personalities. Yes, literary speaking, beverages like glühwein speak, breath and act the same way as humans do, the only difference being that wines are just static and not able to fully express their personalities. Nevertheless, glühwein has a unique personality of its own that makes it worth a toast whilst enjoying the spectacular scenery of Mt Teide. Trust me, I’ve been there before and to be honest with you, nothing is more satisfying.

Glühwein is made using some amazing ingredients like red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and at times vanilla pods. It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas. Due to its low alcohol degree because of the warming process, children are also allowed to drink it, while eating local pastries like gingerbread.

Apart from that, by having a toast of glühwein under Mt Teide, you will also get the amazing opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of the taste that is primarily because some of the mixes used in manufacturing the beverage.

Teide by Night will give you the exclusive opportunity to explore the heart of Teide National Park whilst enjoying the amazing views of the sunset. Guess what other things also can happen? An amazing toast of glühwein! Make it a point to visit Teide and be part of our excursion tour.

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