Teide’s 10th Anniversary as a World Heritage Site

Ten years have passed since the Teide was declared a World Heritage Site. An ephemeris like this can be the best pretext to finally make you decide to experience the highest peak in Spain. Located in Tenerife, Teide is not just a volcano. Its height, impressive landscape, and the most amazing rock formations, have given it a category that the UNESCO has for the most special places in the world.

A tour of the Teide is a captivating experience that becomes essential when visiting the island. The sunset is unforgettable. In the evening, the sky above the Teide is a wonderful experience you cannot missing for another year. Not surprisingly, UNESCO has especially valued this aspect when it comes to granting the World Heritage category. Not only for its beauty, but also for its scientific value, as it is presented as a privileged place for astronomical observation.

teide excursion world heritage

With scientific pretensions or for the simple pleasure of observing a unique visual spectacle, a guided tour of the Teide presents itself as one of the best options for you to enjoy a captivating experience in every way. The tour is guided by professional staff explaining the constellations seen in the sky and, in addition, it culminates with a delicious dinner; the visit to Teide can be an unforgettable experience.

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There is news all over the place about the tenth anniversary of the Teide and the reason why it has that well-deserved recognition, but not everyone is fortunate to be able to visit and experience this place in a way that is so simple and appealing.


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