Starlight Guides: Masters of stars in Teide’s National Park

Teide By Night stands out among the activities to be carried out on the island of Tenerife for its visit to the main natural and tourist attraction of the island, and one of the most impressive in Spain.

During the course of the excursion, visitors are encouraged to enjoy the incredible views of the sunset and are then given information about the stars and constellations. This complete visit is possible thanks to the team formed by Teide By Night, among which are authorized Starlight Guides. Want to know more about these people who make this experience unforgettable? Just keep reading.

Introducing the Starlight Guides

The Starlight Guides are people trained and accredited by the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute to lead groups both by night and by day, showing them ways to contemplate the sky in the environment where they are. Its main function is the popularization of astronomy in combination with pedagogical interpretation from the knowledge of the Universe, conceived as a whole of which we humans are part of.

Guided excursion to Mount Teide in Tenerife

Guided excursion and dinner at Teide

The excursion includes a dinner at the Papillon Restaurant, the world’s first Starlight restaurant, located in a privileged area such as Las Cañadas del Teide National Park. It’s an ideal way to start entering the astronomical world, exploring the possibilities and letting your imagination run wild.

Enjoy the sunset at the top of the island of Tenerife, accompanying the moment with a glass of Cava courtesy of Teide By Night, and when the sun goes down allow yourself to be enveloped by the grandeur of the sky before your eyes.

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