Find the best essence of romance in Tenerife

Are you planning for something best for this special person this Valentine’s day? How about a tour to one of the best romantic places in the world – Tenerife? We, at Teide By Night, are here to make your Valentine’s day the most special ever.

Come and fall in love again with our tour of the best views you can imagine up 3718 meters and experience the love that flows in the air of this beautiful and exotic place, Teide National Park. Holding hands and experiencing the Tenerife stargazing – This experience is just heavenly. Nothing can beat this extraordinary feeling of love.

Enjoy Teide under the stars

Let’s check out some of the reasons why Teide by Night is the best romantic option to spend Valentines Day in Tenerife:

  • Memorable walks together: What can be the best place than Teide National Park to enjoy that perfect walk with your Valentine? This amazing scenery is filled with beautiful and colorful flowers, lunar landscape, and gorgeous sunset – all this just blends together to make your moments the most special ones.
  • Dine with romance: Tenerife is loaded with lots and lots of restaurants which are just perfect for the most sensuous and amazing dining experiences but have you ever thought about dining so close to the stars that you think you can touch them? During our tour, you will dine in a great restaurant with the best company you could imagine.
  • Witness the sunset: Tenerife being an island is surrounded by the oceanic beauty. High places help you to see the best views and you know what? Teide is the highest peak not only of Tenerife but also of Spain. Watch the sun setting down deep in the sea while spreading its tangerine color in the water. The sunsets in Tenerife are to die for.


Express your immense love to your Valentine by availing our excursion services at Teide By Night. Let us help you to make your holidays the most beautiful ones.


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Discover the Magic of Stargazing in Tenerife!

Discover the Magic of Stargazing in Tenerife!

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