5 Must-See Places if you Visit Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Archipelago. This dream destination is the place chosen every year by thousands of tourists from Spain and the rest of the world. In addition, the Canary Islands receive a large number of tourists at any time of the year, given their privileged climatic conditions. Tenerife is the island with the largest number of people thanks to its perfect distance from the Spanish peninsula and the rest of Europe.

Thousands of tourists who visit the island every year have given some places the must-see label. We want to recommend some destinations to those who will visit Tenerife, which we have gathered here:

The Massif of Anaga and the Viewpoint of La Garañona.


The Massif of Anaga

Both places offer the visitor a breathtaking experience, combining the beautiful views with the spectacular cliffs. An indelible memory.





The Ravine of Masca and the Ravine of Infierno

The Ravine of masca

The Ravine of Masca

They are currently visited by canyoning or trekking amateurs. These two ravines allow visitors to contemplate hidden landscapes and explore wonderful paths.




El Teide Natural Park

With no doubt, the most famous destination is the Teide Natural Park, where you will find the highest peak in Spain at 3,718 m above sea level. It is surrounded by truly dazzling landscapes. it is know for its amazing sunsets and the most beautiful starry nights. For that reason, Teide has been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

An excursion guided by its surroundings is essential for those who spend a few days on the island, want to take advantage of the trip, and want to have a unique and unforgettable experience. Where do I sign?

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