During the Earth Day we remember the appearance of The Canary Islands

On April 22 we will celebrate the Mother Earth Day, and it is the perfect moment to remember how this oasis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean appeared.

Canary Islands are recognized all around the globe thanks to its hot climate, the value of its landscapes and its gastronomy with a great amount of ground provisions.

Volcano and lava cradle

The seven islands form a volcanic archipelago, as a result of the constructive action of volcanic activity in the ocean when the magma from the earth’s interior went up through crevices and faults of the oceanic crust and was accumulated at the bottom of the sea for millions of years until emerging to the sea level.

At the time being there is proof of volcanic activities such as the eruption of the Teneguía in 1971, a volcano located in La Palma, seismic activity, emanation of sulfurous gas and geysers. However, these events do not affect everyday life of citizens.

Celebrating life in Canary Islands: Earth Day every day

The secret behind Canary Islands wealthy landscapes is its volcanic origin, not only for its orography but also for its fauna and flora. In the islands live endemic species that have been developed as a part of the ecosystem and do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful volcanic heaven during your next holidays, as well as the majestic Teide volcano, a high geological structure where you will be able to look back millions of years.

Happy Mother Earth Day!


Happy Mother Earth Day


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