6 reasons to (obligatorily) visit the Teide in 2018

With the new year come also great goals that we will ensure to meet throughout 2018. You have probably promised yourself to lead a healthier life, spend more time with your loved ones, travel more, or have new experiences.

In Teide By Night we want to be part of those results, and become travel companions for you to live one of the most magical experiences that you will try throughout your life: contemplating the stars from the clean sky of El Teide.

Since you have decided to try new things, let us review why the visit to Teide at sunset should be obligatory on your agenda 2018:

1. It is a World Heritage Site.

Teide National Park has international recognition due to its special characteristics. From the orography to the lunar and rocky aspect, the landscape does not leave any visitor untouched.

2. For its flora and fauna.

Tenerife Lizard in the sunlight

As it is a protected area, the species that inhabit the environment are proof of nature at its best. For example, the lizard of Tenerife or the violet of Teide, endemic to that particular place on the island.



3. For its gastronomy.

The traditional dishes are very appreciated by those who visit the Canary Islands, and it is not surprising. Their recipes have a long history, which has been passed down from father to son for hundreds of years. Canarian food is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

Potatoes with mojo

4. It is a fully guided tour.

While it is true that the purpose of the excursion is to contemplate the sunset and the stars with a glass of cava, Teide By Night experience is much more. Our Starlight Guides offer a wide vision not only of Teide but of the whole island, involving the visitor with stories and directions to make the experience perfect.

5. Because of its climate.

The weather in Tenerife is mild, with temperatures ranging from 17ºC in winter and 25ºC in the hot seasons. It is a sunny and wonderful island to visit at any time of the year.

6. You’ll never forget it.

If there is one thing we are sure of is that, after this visit, you will remember the moment as a beautiful treasure, something you will always carry with you. Whether you decide to go as a group, as a couple, or to gift the experience to someone, you can be sure that it will be magical and unforgettable.

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